Zip-Eyed @ Flux Factory

June 21, 2012

AW’s sculptural vine-vegetable gowing trellis has been up at Flux Factory for a couple of weeks now. The plants are enjoying the change of seasons and starting to take off. Pretty soon, the structure will be a crazy cornucopia of veggies. The structure is part of Flux Factory’s show ‘Bionic Garden’ which explored the intersection of art, technology, urbanism, and ecology.

Text from the Zip-Eyed project description:

We’re accustomed to understanding vegetable gardens as existing on the ground, rising up and providing beauty from below. Autumn Workshop seeks to cultivate and demonstrate the many possible relationships between humans and plants. A result of it’s own proclaimed BIOPHILIA (a natural bond between humans and other living systems). As such, in Zip-eyed, the traditional vine trellis and the utility of a garden is re-imagined as a space-making sculpture and edible cornucopia. This lasting installation promises to evolve through the seasons and provide Flux Factory residents with some sustenance and an amorphous, signature structure. The structure uses a ‘lo-fi’ connection system of zip-ties and eyehooks to create complex intersections between strips of reclaimed scrap lumber. Featuring pole beans, tomatoes, and cucuzza squash growing from sub-irrigated planters that anchor the structure. Special thanks to M.Fine Lumber in Brooklyn for generously donating the reclaimed lumber.

First Harvest!!! Pole Beans!

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