hanging garden lamps, v2.0

August 30, 2012

After our first prototype Hanging Garden Lamp, we decided to do a small production run of 4 more lamps. We finally got around to planting one and photographing it! The first lamp was about 20″ long. This one is over double the length at 42″ long. The idea was to show how the design could expand for new applications. Also, the proportions are improved and more soil area is provided for the plants! We can’t wait to sell these and make more! They are fun to build and offer a dramatic addition to a room.

As always, the lamps are made entirely from reclaimed or scrap wood. The pine on this lamp was once old Brooklyn warehouse timbers. The other lamps, of varying sizes are made from Cherry, Teak, and Oak. They are all available for purchase on the Etsy store. We are also interested in expanding this idea for custom installations.

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