Birch Log Touch Lamp

March 16, 2011

The lamps are made from a raw birch log, steel bar stock, and an edison bulb. Seems simple, but there is a lot going on inside! These little guys are hand crafted, carefully milled to accept the bulb socket, a dimming transformer, and a blackened steel bar. The bar is wired up to act as the switching mechanism for  the dimmer. Touch the metal bar and you cycle through 4 levels of brightness for the bulb above. They create a gorgeous ambient light at low levels, and bright enough for reading at the highest setting.

The original lamps were crafted from removed birch trees from a NYC garden project. Later lamps used locally sourced birch logs which were air dried over a season in my shop. The lamps were built in a limited run of 25. Each one is unique in character, celebrating the beauty of natural birch.

EDIT: Some lamps are still available in the shop!

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