production: scientific glassware vases

March 25, 2011

For the AW at Saffron show, we turned a lot of steel cutoffs into new houseware pieces for displaying floral stems. Here is how it happened!

Take angled cuttoffs from a steel bench I made, weld on scraps to back.

Grind down sloppy welds, and drill for test tube and mounting screws. ( I know – ragged gloves on a drill press is a safety hazard! Don’t do that. )

Clean up a bit more with the angle grinder.

Treat steel with a black oxide solution – a mild acid that causes the steel to oxidize. Voila.

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  1. [...] Another iteration of the scientific glassware vases AW made last year. This time, with a vintage red flask suspended from a blackened steel shelf. The form, with its hard lines and interlocking planes, has a stark, modern aesthetic which is softened up by your favorite flowers or weedy stems. Check out our previous post of the scientific glassware vases HERE and HERE. [...]