AW @ Flux Factory – June 2012

April 7, 2012

Autumn Workshop has been invited to participate in a Flux Factory exhibition in June of this year.

Lawrence’s Hanging Garden will reflect the diversity of relationships that New Yorkers have with their plants. Projects, installations, and artworks will be displayed in the Flux Factory gallery (naturally dark, cool, protected, insular), on its roof (unpredictable, exposed, bright), and ideally reaching out to the random patches of earth in our neighborhood of Long Island City (ripe with potential). Re-imagine urban spaces both private and public in an effort to bring resourcefulness and ingenuity to our immediate community.

Our proposal is a modular, yet organically fabricated trellis structure that will create the framework for vertically growing, fruit bearing plants such as pole beans, trombone squash, and vine tomatoes. The structure will include several sub-irrigated planters to feed the structure which will feed the residents of Flux Factory!

Here is a concept ‘napkin’ sketch… stay tuned for more information as it gets closer…

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