test tube shelves v3.0

August 30, 2012

Recently, we’ve devised a new approach to the test tube shelves. This time, without the steel element, which was a drain on labor. We wanted to get the price down on these, so that more people could afford them. The solution, an all wood design, using 3 different profiles which can be cut at varying lengths for varying arrangements.

The design allows you to insert rimless test tubed between strips of felt, which pinch the tubes and hold them in place. This allows you to switch the tubes out or rearrange them based on the flowers you are using. Each shelf comes with small and large test tubes. And of course, you can rest objects on the shelves as well!

All the wood used is scrap material which was lying around the shop. This included walnut, pine, maple, oak, cherry, and mahogany. The shelves are finished with tung oil. And the bright blue, 1/4″ felt is purchased from an artist off of etsy.

These are for sale now, in our etsy store! And maybe some brick and mortar locations to come.

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One Response to “test tube shelves v3.0”

  1. lin hao says:

    hi, i’m just searching for sth like this to put in my hall way. i really like this little beauty, is this for sell? thanks

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