Scraps Dining Table

May 09, 2012

This dining table top is made entirely of walnut and cherry scraps. The walnut came from more scrap wood and leftover flooring which was milled down into 1/2″ slats. The entire piece includes 72 rows of pieces carefully composed into a ‘random’ pattern that emphasizes the natural beauty and glow of walnut and cherry placed together. The table is finished with a hand rubbed tung oil finish. The legs are removable with two large bolts, which makes for easy break down and transportation. The table measures 36″ x 68″ x 29.5″.

A previous post HERE, showed images of the dining table in production.

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Hanging Garden Lamp

Here is our prototype for a new hanging garden lamp design. A planter is suspended with a strip of LED’s placed in the top. A great pendant lamp design that is scalable for larger rooms or planting purposes and can be viewed in the round.

The planter is made from reclaimed teak and blackened steel.

Seen here with some sweet ferns!

EDIT: Some new photos from August 2012 with some better studio lighting.

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Tetra Tank

A while back I made a post about an aquarium we were building. It took a while to finish it completely. Building an entirely enclosed aquarium is quite a bit more challenging than it’s terrestrial counterpart. But during a recent photoshoot, I got some shots of the final product. We consider it a successful prototype for future explorations of sweet furniture/aquarium combinations to come!

The aquarium houses a submersible filter, submersible heater, and LED lighting. All the components are enclosed and can be controlled by two switches on the side. A single cloth covered wire is the only visual mess running away from the tank. A small compartment on the side provides a place to put your fish food. A walnut screen sits in the tank, hiding the filter and heater from view, while providing adequate circulation.

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Reclaimed Marine Oak Mirrors

I came across some old reclaimed oak from ship building. The wood used to be wrapped in rusted steel which has left a residue on the exterior of the oak. From its previous life, some process has made caused the surface material to bleed into the wood, giving it an incredible edge grain. We used some old mirror pieces laying around the shop and created these. They are available for sale as a set in the shop!

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Fungus Wall Art

April 24, 2012

Made these last year for the show at Saffron. Recently got them hung up!

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crate furniture

April 20, 2012

Last year I scored about 70 wooden crates that were destined for the dumpster. They were previously used as hologram carrying cases. All built out of cheap 1/2″ ply, but with some catching screen printing and hardware on the sides. They have been turned into many things since I acquired them, including a credenza and bed for my home. here are some early shots of the credenza, built in a design language to match the crates.

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nuclear drift

April 14, 2012

Last week Pat and I took a trip to Delaware to do some light carpentry on a house. While visiting the area, we went to a beachhead of Delaware Bay, where the Salem Nuclear facilities loomed on the horizon. It is a surreal structure to gaze upon, especially while scouring the are for interesting drift wood to haul back to Brooklyn!

We managed to grab several interesting chunks of sun bleached drift wood, and tossed around many ideas before settling on something simple and quick to build… the nuclear bench!

But now what do we do with it? Shoot me a message if you have ideas…

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AW @ Flux Factory – June 2012

April 07, 2012

Autumn Workshop has been invited to participate in a Flux Factory exhibition in June of this year.

Lawrence’s Hanging Garden will reflect the diversity of relationships that New Yorkers have with their plants. Projects, installations, and artworks will be displayed in the Flux Factory gallery (naturally dark, cool, protected, insular), on its roof (unpredictable, exposed, bright), and ideally reaching out to the random patches of earth in our neighborhood of Long Island City (ripe with potential). Re-imagine urban spaces both private and public in an effort to bring resourcefulness and ingenuity to our immediate community.

Our proposal is a modular, yet organically fabricated trellis structure that will create the framework for vertically growing, fruit bearing plants such as pole beans, trombone squash, and vine tomatoes. The structure will include several sub-irrigated planters to feed the structure which will feed the residents of Flux Factory!

Here is a concept ‘napkin’ sketch… stay tuned for more information as it gets closer…

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tetra tank lighting test

March 27, 2012

We were testing out the LED lighting for the tetra tank (aquarium) and snapped this cool shot of the light spilling out of the enclosure…

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production peek: tetra tank

March 24, 2012

One of the central themes of AW’s work is merging habitats with furniture. If you look through all the projects, there are tons of terrariums and plants mixed into the work. It seems only natural to start integrating animal habitats into our work. Actually, I have built projects for cats and turtles before, but pictures of that will come in a later post…

For a year now I’ve been dreaming of a small aquarium, in the 2-5 gallon range, that would be a simple piece of furniture as much as a habitat. All the wires and bulky extrusions typical to an aquarium setup would be integrated into a wooden enclosure.

The photos below are some process shots of a prototype for this concept. Features include a small filter, LED lighting, and heater, all tucked away into a back compartment. Two switches control the lighting and the heater/filter. There is also a compartment to store your fish flakes.

The tank is made from the last remaining walnut flooring planks that were not used to build the dining table. A custom shaped acrylic aquarium insert sits inside the walnut enclosure. Photos of the finished product with fish and plants coming very soon!

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