Birch Log Touch Lamp

March 16, 2011

The lamps are made from a raw birch log, steel bar stock, and an edison bulb. Seems simple, but there is a lot going on inside! These little guys are hand crafted, carefully milled to accept the bulb socket, a dimming transformer, and a blackened steel bar. The bar is wired up to act as the switching mechanism for  the dimmer. Touch the metal bar and you cycle through 4 levels of brightness for the bulb above. They create a gorgeous ambient light at low levels, and bright enough for reading at the highest setting.

The original lamps were crafted from removed birch trees from a NYC garden project. Later lamps used locally sourced birch logs which were air dried over a season in my shop. The lamps were built in a limited run of 25. Each one is unique in character, celebrating the beauty of natural birch.

EDIT: Some lamps are still available in the shop!

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photo shoot!

March 10, 2011

This last Monday I went into the studio with Phil Romano for a photo shoot of the recently completed lamps and other small products and art on display at Saffron. It was a lot of fun, and I was amazed by how a professional photography setup works to produce amazing product images on white backgrounds.

All of the studio photography on this site is shot by Phil, including the ‘AutumnWorkshop at Saffron’ flier image.

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‘AutumnWorkshop at Saffron’ flier

March 08, 2011

Just sent to print the Autumn Workshop at Saffron flier.

‘AutumnWorkshop at Saffron’ marks the launch of my company with its first products and coincides with a show of miscellaneous  products and explorations I have been working on in the shop over the past couple months. Here is the  flier I just sent to print. I will post more information about the show shortly.

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AW Launch

Hey everyone. Thanks for visiting the site. We are officially launching the site in conjunction with the company launch on March 19. Please check back then and there will be descriptions of our first products along with great photos and fabrication information. You will also be able to purchase available products through our etsy store.

In the meantime, I am busy in the shop putting together the last pieces for the art show at Saffron which will coincide with the Autumn Workshop launch. Please email me at with questions.

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